Testimonials of Omapaja light entrepreneurs

Nutrition coach Janica Alasimonen pursues her dream job as a Paja Entrepreneur

“This is the thing I like doing. I have found my place in the workforce”, Janica Alasimonen states cheerfully. She is a nutrition coach, that is, sort of a personal trainer for nutrition. Janica is happy with her work and would not change a thing about it at the moment. Janica talks about it in a positive and confident manner. It seems like she has found her calling.

Omapajan kevytyrittäjänä ravintovalmentaja Janica Alasimonen voi käyttää aikansa ammattitaitonsa hyödyntämiseen.
Johanna Kyllönen, Omapajan kevytyrittäjä, graafinen suunnittelija

“The work is done when inspired”

The freedom of light entrepreneurship is suitable for the creative business

“I work best in the evenings. Then again, I haven’t set any specific time slots for working. This is partly due to the fact that my work is creative, and it has to be done when I’m inspired. The agreed deadlines give it structure and rhythm, for sure.” This is how Johanna Kyllönen describes her work as a graphic designer. She is a 27-year-old light entrepreneur. She considers it an excellent opportunity to try out her wings in entrepreneurship.

Steps towards dreams with light entrepreneurship

“My workdays are vastly different, which I like. Sometimes I go shopping right away in the morning. I get out of bed, make coffee, pour it into a thermos and go to Biltema, for example, to get inspired.” Prop maker Jenny Villikka seems to enjoy her work. She is a 27-year-old Paja Entrepreneur from Espoo. She particularly enjoys having the opportunity to work with different people in different projects. “I like being a freelancer, even though it also brings insecurity.”

Tarpeistonvalmistaja, kevytyrittäjä Jenny Villikka
Maalauspalvelu Laatutrio

The growing summer business LaatuTrio was envisioned in school

The painting service LaatuTrio employs eight summer workers. Three of them run the business for a third summer in a row. LaatuTrio does mainly exterior paintings of detached houses as well as repairings and repaintings. They operate in the Oulu region and the municipalities along the Kalajoki river. – We came up with the idea of the business in a math’s class in high school, says Sampsa Laitinen, one of the entrepreneurs. – Me and two of my mates were thinking about what to do the next summer and realized we know how to paint professionally.”

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