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Omapaja entrepreneur’s client Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of Privacy Policy Statement

The purpose of this privacy policy statement is to inform and carry out communications according to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and give the registered person information about the processing of their data in a compact and transparent manner.

Omapaja Ltd. offers their clients billing and financial administration services. Presented in this privacy policy statement are the principles of Omapaja Ltd. regarding the processing and protection of personal data in different circumstances.

2. Keeper of Registry

Omapaja Ltd.
Business ID: 2399894-2
Asemakatu 37 a, 90100 Oulu
tel. 0444100500

3. Contact Person for Matters Concerning the Registry

Markku Jääskeläinen, Managing Director
Asemakatu 37 A, 90100 Oulu
tel. 0400 892 474

4. Name of Registry

Omapaja entrepreneur’s client registry

5. Processers of Personal Data

The personal data of the Omapaja entrepreneur’s client is processed by Omapaja Ltd. personnel and subcontractors of Omapaja Ltd. The subcontractors of Omapaja Ltd. are suppliers of systems and they have technical access to systems of Omapaja Ltd. in order to perform maintenance and support tasks. Additionally, the systems can be accessed by the auditor of Omapaja Ltd. in order to perform their statutory duties. Access to the systems can be given to authorities in certain circumstances, such as during a tax audit. Omapaja Ltd. identifies subcontractors with access to Omapaja Ltd. systems upon request. Processers of personal data can process personal data only in accordance with directives given by Omapaja Ltd., unless the legislation of the European Union or the Member State requires otherwise.

6. The Purpose of Processing Personal Data

The purpose of the Omapaja entrepreneur’s client registry is to deliver invoices to the clients.Processing of personal data is based on the Omapaja Ltd. service agreement and therefore it has a legal basis according to point b) of paragraph 1 of article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation.

7. Information Content of the Registry

The Omapaja entrepreneur’s client registry contains the following personal data:

  • Name of the person
  • Address
  • Telephone number and e-mail address

8. Regular Sources of Personal Data

Personal data is primarily obtained from Omapaja entrepreneur, who has obtained the information from the client. Omapaja Ltd. supplements personal data on the basis of its own operations.

9. Regular Disclosure of Personal Data

The data contained in the Omapaja entrepreneur’s client registry is primarily processed by Omapaja Ltd. personnel. Personal datais not disclosed to other parties on a regular basis.

10. Transferring Data Outside of the EU or EEA

Omapaja processes client’s personal data when delivering invoices to the clients. Omapaja uses system providers as subcontractors in its operations. In some segments of their operations the subcontractors may transfer personal data outside EU/EEA. A contract of processing personal data is always made with subcontractors, which protects the personal data.

11. The Registry’s Protection Principles

Material regarding Omapaja entrepreneur’s client that is in manual form is stored in a locked area, the access to which is restricted to those Omapaja Ltd. employees who are authorized and required to process personal data in order to perform their duties.

The access to the personal data stored in IT systems is restricted to persons who must access personal data in order to carry out their professional duties. Access is limited based on the person’s duties.

12. Storage and Removal of Personal Data

Personal data in the Omapaja entrepreneur’s client registry is stored during the period of time required to carry out services in accordance to Omapaja Ltd. service agreement as well as statutory duties. Legislation, such as the Accounting Act, regulates the minimum amount of time which accounting information must be stored.

13. Rights Pertaining to Processing of Personal Data

Primarily each person registered in the Omapaja entrepreneur’s client registry has the right to check their personal data recorded in the registry. A registered person also has the right to demand that erroneous information is corrected in the registry or that personal data be removed from the registry. A registered person has the right to revoke their consent to the processing of their personal data or to demand limiting the processing. A registered person has the right to obtain all their personal data in such a format, that they are transferrable to another data system. A registered person has the right to deny the use of their personal data for the purpose of marketing the services of Omapaja Ltd.

Omapaja entrepreneur’s client may direct requests pertaining to the contents and processing of their personal data to the contact person of Omapaja Ltd. Legislation or data system structure may in some circumstances prevent the full implementation of a client’s rights. In such cases the Omapaja Ltd. contact person informs the client about the legislation which prevents the implementations of their rights or of another possible circumstance, for example related to data systems, which prevents the implementation of the rights.

Submitting the above-mentioned personal data is a prerequisite for the implementation of services as based on the contract and services cannot be offered, if information is withheld. The data will not be used in automatic decisions.

This statement was written on 25.5.2018 / This statement was last updated on 25.5.2018. An earlier version can be requested from the keeper of the registry.