Why Omapaja?

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Why should I choose the Omapaja Invoicing Service?

An alternative way to work

The Paja Entrepreneurship offers a new way to employ yourself. Nowadays companies do not easily hire new employees but rather purchase the work with an invoice. Through Omapaja you can turn your expertise into services that are easy to purchase. You get to make the decisions and influence your income. Working as a light entrepreneur through Omapaja and selling a project with an invoice can also open a door to a desirable company.

Easier way to operate as an entrepreneur

Working with Omapaja can also be a good option for those who consider setting up their own businesses. Few people establish a business because they are dying to do the required paperwork. Most often starting entrepreneurs want to use their time in customer interactions or by practicing profitable activity.

Omapaja offers you a chance to work as an entrepreneur without the obligations that come with it. You’ll have the chance to provide services like an entrepreneur but avoid the bureaucracy of running a business. We’ll take care of your accounting and other legal obligations, and you’ll receive your income as salary. As your business activity grows and expands, you are free to acquire your own business ID anytime you want. Even then we are willing walk by your side. You may continue running your business activity via Omapaja and focus on what you enjoy doing most.

More than an invoicing service

Omapaja offers you a lot more than traditional invoicing services. You are regarded as an entrepreneur operating without your own business ID, which provides you with several advantages. If your earned income remains under 7 656 euros per year, you do not have to pay any pension contributions. If your activity in Omapaja is considered full-time employment, you may register for the unemployment fund of entrepreneurs. You can work with a light heart, as Omapaja makes sure that you are properly insured against accidents and injuries. We at Omapaja wish to make self-employment as easy as possible for you.

Even though you work entrepreneurially, you’re never on your own. We support you in planning your activities, pricing, sales and marketing planning as well as contract-related matters. Omapaja offers you a chance to pursue your dream job while enjoying the support of a community as well as personal coaching. In Omapaja we will succeed together!