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Purchase work easily with an invoice without employer contributions

Working life finds itself in a turning point. It may not be possible for companies to hire employees regardless of the abundance of motivated and competent workforce available. We need new ways to employ professionals in order to allow the competent workforce and undone work to meet. Omapaja strives to make employment easier by offering employers the chance to purchase work with an invoice and without employer contributions.

How does it work?

Through Omapaja you can purchase services similarly to subcontracting. In this case the work is not provided by a company but a private person who uses Omapaja for invoicing. The light entrepreneurs operating through Omapaja, i.e. Paja Entrepreneurs, do not have their own business IDs, but the invoicing is handled under Omapaja’s business ID. Our company takes care of the statutory paperwork and the required insurances for the Paja Entrepreneurs. They receive compensation for work as salary.

What kind of work can be commissioned through Omapaja?

Through Omapaja it is possible to commission almost any kind of work that does not create an employment relationship between the client and the entrepreneur. One clear sign of an employment relationship is the right to direct and supervise the work. If the client has this right, the assignment cannot usually be commissioned via an invoicing service. If the client has only the right to either approve or dismiss the completed work, it can be done through Omapaja.

How does it differ from employee leasing?

You can agree on the work, pricing and payment terms directly with Paja Entrepreneur. Omapaja does not act as an intermediate between the client and the entrepreneur, and there is no employment relationship between the entrepreneur and Omapaja. You can also choose the professional to perform the work yourself. If you don’t already have a specific professional in mind, you can inquire after competent and motivated workers from Omapaja’s staff members.

What does it cost?

The service fee is 5% + alv 24 % of the VAT-free sum on the invoice. The Paja Entrepreneur includes the service fee in the total sum of the invoice, so the price you have agreed on with him or her is also the final sum on the invoice. We take care of all statutory paperwork and make the necessary notifications to the authorities. The work invoiced through Omapaja is VAT deductible.

Why should you choose Omapaja?

Omapaja provides you with competent professionals who work entrepreneurially. As Paja Entrepreneurs agree on the terms of the work themselves, they take responsibility over their own doing and are motivated to perform to their best ability. Omapaja offers various coaching services which help them improve their operations. 

Household as a client

A household or private person can also commission work of Paja Entrepreneurs. Also in this case, Omapaja takes care of the statutory obligations for the entrepreneurs and the customer can pay for the work with only one invoice. The tax-credit for household expenses (45% of the value of the work) is applicable to the work conducted through Omapaja, if the conditions set by tax authorities are fulfilled. Read more about the tax credit for household expenses.