Secured path to entrepreneurship – Omapaja Invoicing Service

Omapaja Invoicing Service allows you to invoice your customers easily and quickly without a company. It also offers coaching services. We take care of the invoicing and accounting of your work and coach you to successful entrepreneurship. Take a step towards your dreams now.

Sign up for Omapaja and start invoicing right away without your own company. Don’t worry! If you do not have any invoicing, you don’t have any expenses either. Registration is complete free and does not obligate you in any way.

Safe and easier entrepreneurship

Focus on your expertise

Use your time and energy on your strengths, not on paperwork.

Easy to start

Signing up is always free. You can start invoicing right away.

Operate with us

With us, you can improve your activities. We’ll always be there for you.

Test your business idea

Try out your business idea quickly and safely, and without monthly fees.

Earn with your expertise

Set a proper price to your services and start earning.

Grow as an entrepreneur

Grow your revenue and boost your sales… We’ll coach you to better results.

Sign up for Omapaja and start invoicing right away without your own company.

So easy you can’t help laughing!

1. Sign up.

We’ll send you the login credentials and you can immediately start earning with your expertise. Registration is completely cost-free and does not obligate you in any way.

2. Focus on your strengths.

Your client can be a consumer, a company or any other organization. You’ll agree on the assignment and pricing directly with the client.

3. Invoice – you’ll get the payment as salary.

We take care of insuring your work and issuing your invoices. We also record your income and expenditure and take care of legal obligations for you.

4. Coach yourself, grow and evolve.

We help you with productizing your expertise, pricing, sales and marketing planning as well as contract drafting.